Premier Stand Repairs

If you have a Premier or a Premiergold pop-up stand, that is in need of an MOT, or has been broken, then you can rest assured. We repair frames, free of charge, as they are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee "you break it, we fix it".

This guarantee covers all minor damage "up to 7 scissors broken or damaged" on the pop-up frame and any missing or broken plastic parts. All we ask is that you return the frame to us, give us a couple of days and pay £25 towards the return courier costs and admin.

The guarantee only covers the frame but we can supply you with replacement Mag Bars, Bags, Lights or Light Bulbs, Cases and if you need new graphics please let us know.

If your stand or Wing banner, has a sticker attached to it, you can send it back to us for repair or repalcement parts and graphics. These stickers appear on the underside of the Wing banners or on the bags or boxes. The Wings only have a 5 year guarantee on them, but we will do what we can to fix them. The most common problem with the Wings is the tension on the roller being released, which we can usually sort out very quickly.