Conference Kits

A user friendly, flexible presentation and conference backdrop combining Premier Pop-up frames with projection screens and graphic areas.

These conference kits are stable, easy to set up, compact for transportation and have large graphic areas for branding. The kit provides the customer with an impressive presence at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, training sessions and seminars.

The pictures above show how the frames can be built to hold front and rear projection screens. The projection screens are available in two standard sizes 4' x 4' and 8' x 5' (approx. sizes) but other sizes can be produced.

The size of the stands is unlimited, as they can be built as high or wide as you need and can be easily reconfigured for different events. We have a range of standard sizes and in the Customer Support section you will find PDF help sheets that contain information on dimensions. 

These Conference Kits are very simple to set up, with a standard 5m wide kit only taking 30 minutes. 

All of our Conference Kit graphics are printed on Lambda or Chromira printers, that produce the best quality graphics available in UK.

For more information please do not hesitate in contacting us email or call us on 01737 212868