New Fusion Roller Banner

on Wednesday, 07 July 2010. Posted in Product Focus

The answer to budget roller banners?

Quad are pleased to announce the launch of our new Fusion banner.

The display market is full of cheap roller banners, which all look the same, but the quality is extremely varied. The problems range from the twist out feet falling off, top rails not working and the graphics coming off, the internal roller spring breaking and the thickness of the aluminium can be as little as 0.8mm thick.

We are proud of our own ECO banner, which is very popular and well contructed but looks the same as the cheaper versions. This is why we are starting to offer the Fusion. It looks different from the budget banners, uses thicker extrusion, has a quality top rail, but still offers excellent value for money.

It comes in a range of 4 different sizes; including a 600mm version and a 1200mm "big boy".


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